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Every human body has a unique gut flora. The microbe population, namely the microbiome living inside us has an effect on our whole body. The communities of bacteria living in the gut flora have 100 times more genes than all the cells of the human body. This means, that the gut flora contains 100 times more genes than the genome of the human body. The gut flora has a very important role in the protection of health, so if the balance is disturbed, illnesses may occur.
Gut flora is composed of beneficial (probiotic) gut bacteria, harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. In order to reach the balance, the number of probiotic bacteria should be maintained at a high level, which can be supported by consuming probiotics.
Good Manufacturing Practice is part of the quality assurance that enables products to be manufactured and supervised according to quality regulations at all times meeting the requirements needed for market release and having the same qualities whenever they are supervised.
The human body meets food products that cause damages to the gut flora day by day, so consuming probiotics (=good bacteria) is recommended every day, as the balance of gut flora must be maintained all the time.
Research shows that the microbiome composition of the human body is determined by genetics only marginally, while life style and nutrition play a much more important role in its composition.
One capsule/ granule is recommended per day, but regarding the Medium Term products the quantity can be 2-6 capsules as well. Due to the unique gut flora of every human body, it is recommended to ask personally the Consultants for help.
Kid’s Multivitamin is available in granule format, and is recommended to be consumed by children from the age of 3. Those products that are available in capsule formats can be dispersed in water, except one product, the Microbiome Rebalance.
The microflora-based probiotics need some time to integrate into the body. Due to the unique gut flora of the individuals, the time of utilisation is different. There are human bodies that feel the effects after some weeks, while others may need months to have some experience.
It is recommended to talk with your Consultant. Consuming magnesium during pregnancy is highly recommended, however, there are some products that are better not to consume while being pregnant.
The main aim of probiotics is to reconstruct the balance of gut flora. From the start of consuming the products the reconstruction of gut flora begins. As its state of health is different for every individual, the integration of probiotics also happens at different paces in every human body. A possible diarrhea is a natural aspect of consuming probiotics, but the occurrence of it is not compulsory. For experience it is better to ask the Consultants.