Curcuma is native in India and it has been used for thousands of years. According to the traditions it cleans the whole body and its main ingredient, the curcumin is often used in the Asian cuisine as it has a special aroma. Due to its beneficial effects, nowadays it is commonly used for the reduction of joint complaints. The incense contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones, muscles and joints. Vitamin E is important because it protects our cells against oxidative stress.

Product price: 12.50 USD/month

Active substances
In 1 capsule*
Curcuma 320 mg
Incense extract 100 mg
Vitamin E 8 mg 67%
Frutafit® Inulin IQ 6,25 mg
Lactobacillus casei 6x109 c.f.u / 200 mg
Lactobacillus acidophilus 5x109 c.f.u / 200 mg
Lactobacillus brevis 2,5x109 c.f.u / 200 mg
Lactobacillus plantarum 2x109 c.f.u / 200 mg
Bifidobacterium longum 1x109 c.f.u / 200 mg
Streptococcus thermophilus 5x109 c.f.u / 200 mg

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