Why is it essential to consume probiotics?

The gut system faces additives, preservatives and harmful bacteria day by day which have negative effects on our health.

In order to maintain the balance, it is indispensable to reproduce beneficial bacteria, that can be assured by consuming probiotics. It is recommended to consume probiotics every day. The specialty of the microflora-based products of Natural Immune Control System Inc. is that they are produced by semi-automatic machines, which means that the living microorganisms can keep their beneficial effects for a long time.

Taste the craft capsules and granules of N.I.C.S. and be microflora the part of your everyday life!

As with 2018 and 2019 the dietary supplements have received one of the highest professional recognitions of Hungary, the Value and Quality Grand Award for 2020. The products are made in Europe (Hungary) in a GMP certified manufacturing plant.

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Why is the balance of microbiome important?

The microbiome is composed of communities of bacteria, viruses and fungi living in the gut. These microbiomes live with us, inside us and on our body. Microbiomes have an effect on the gut system, immune system and endocrine system as well. The balance of beneficial and harmful gut bacteria in the human body is determined by the food consumed by us. If nutrition is not correct, imbalance occurs in the gut system, which means that the beneficial diversity of bacteria is damaged, so dysbiosis evolves. As a result of dysbiosis, inflammations evolve in the gut system, which lead to the damage of the gut. If we think of the days of our grandmothers, then we remember, that this problem did not arise, as the food consumed by them (e.g. yeast bread, fermented food) contained living microorganisms. However, on account of the increased population, today these microorganisms are replaced by additives and preservatives. The gut system is just like a fingerprint, everyone has a different one. However, the deterioration of the balance leads to the emergence of civilisation diseases in every case, such as intestinal diseases, diabetes, obesity, thyroid problems, cardiovascular problems, insulin resistance, tumors. Nowadays many research deals with the field of microbiome and there are many analyses about the real factors that influence the microbiome composition in the human body. Research shows that genetics plays a very little part in the conformation of the microbial world, while proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle determine significantly the structure of microbiomes. The most important target of our dietary supplements is to maintain the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut at a high level. It can be achieved by consuming probiotics. Unlike other probiotics in the market, the products of Natural Immune Control System Inc. are produced by semi-automatic machines, which means that living microorganisms are not damaged and can keep their beneficial effects for a long time. The pre-and probiotic-based products contain added vitamins, herbs and trace elements.